K.iCMS 1.0

K.iCMS consists of several key components. A robust content management system allows customers to maintain and expand web sites using visual tools and open architecture enables easy expansion integration variety of other features.

Core CMS Functions K.iCMS main feature is a sophisticated content management application designed to support large and medium web sites. CMS module allows administrators to manage content on the web site, create new pages, customize common elements, regulate access rights for page and publish saved information with approval process. CMS can be extended to include custom zones designed to client specification that require frequent updates.

Primary features of the CMS include the following:

  • Extensive Content Editing with state-of-the-art visual content management editor
  • Page and Section Creation controls
  • Hierarchal architecture
  • Visual and quick link navigation inside CMS
  • Advanced Permission Control
  • Version Management
  • Movement of Content
  • Publishing and approval process
  • File Management
  • Tracking
  • and more K.iCMS 1.0 is fully integrated with K.iTV 2.0 Online Video Platform.