K.iTV 2.0 - Video Platform

K.iTV 2.0 is an end-to-end digital content service delivery platform that streamlines the management, publishing and delivery of content across multiple platforms including PCs, televisions and mobile devices.


Some core areas where K.iTV 2.0 PLATFORM is critical: Broadcast & Publishing:

Applications include TV and radio news production, Studios & Post Production, Archives for Film & Television and Audio & Radio, Web Archives and opportunities to provide multi-platform assets.

Governments / Organizations: Applications include Cultural Archives, Audiovisual Libraries for e.g. scientific research, space travel, meetings, conferences and healthcare.

Corporate: Applications include Marketing, Advertising and other Brand Media Asset Management, Media E-Commerce, Surveillance, Studios & Post Production, product design and development and Film and Television Archives for business TV.


Education: Applications include repositories for Learning Objects e.g. for schools, colleges and universities, Distance Learning tools and respective E-learning platforms.