Live Streaming & VOD

SOFTing  has assembled a team of professionals who will assist in broadcasting your event over the Internet to an online audience around the world. Compared to any other form of live video distribution, online  broadcasting is extremely cost effective.

Byfocusing on the finite details of live event WebCast Production, Softing has developed a full range of services to simplify the entire process. Our extraordinary relationships with state of the art production houses around the globe, allows our dedicated project management team to handle all of your production needs impeccably and efficiently.

The event can be a regular event, daily, weekly, monthly or a one off event such as concert and specialised conferences. Publish recorded files live and as searchable archives that can be used for efficient long-term record keeping.


Corporate: Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Seminars

Government: Executive Branch Address , Legislative Coverage, Public Hearings, Court Proceedings

Organizations & Associations: Conferences, Members Meetings, Symposiums

Faith-Based Services: Service Broadcast, Lectures